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We work through independent brokers to provide specialized insurance programmes to a wide range of industrial and commercial companies and financial institutions. With strong financial strength ratings, we represent a stable alternative for brokers and clients.

If you still have a question, we’ll get you in touch with the right person.Start by picking one of our products,

We aim to provide the best possible customer service and that’s why we call nearly a 1,000 customers every month and we email surveys to a selection of our customers to ensure we are delivering on our promises and constantly improving what we do.

Our Value Added Services

+ Kredit

+ Hypothek

+ Autokredit

+ Lebensversicherung

+ Rechtsschutzversicherung

+ Autoversicherung

+ Pensionskasse

+ Renovationen

+ Invalidenrente

+ Unfallversicherung

+ Handarbeiter

+ Firmenversicherung

+ Betreibung